Welcome to ScratchWars Online

ScratchWars Online is the best resource for playing ScratchWars©. You can play realtime with friends, create decks, manage your collection. With more coming soon!

How to use this web? Just follow those steps!

  1. Create an account here (you can use facebook/gmail)
  2. Navigate to You Account and fill you ScratchWars mobile app id.
  3. After a minute, your collection should be loaded to SWO. You can check your Collection.
  4. Visit My Decks to create a deck to challenge other players!
  5. Finally, go to Battles and either wait for an opponent or challenge a friend by his ID.

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Scratch Wars Online (PvP web) is based on Scratch Wars© game principles, it is not official product of Notre Game, s.r.o.

Video how to connect your account

Video of Jirka Král playing SWO