Terms and Conditions of Using the Service Scratch Wars Online

  1. 1. Scratch Wars Online (hereinafter referred to as Service) is a service provided by Notre Game s.r.o., company ID: 04489039, tax ID: CZ04489039 (hereinafter referred to as Operator).
  2. The server enables Users to synchronize and administer their Scratch Wars cards collection which belong to private persons (hereinafter referred to as Users), and their usage in online Scratch Wars fights.
  3. When using the service, Users must not use vulgar words, offend other Users or perform other activities which can be interpreted as harassment of other Users.
  4. The User is responsible for all activities which happen through their account.
  5. The User agrees not to sell their account or sell or transfer their rights to the account.
  6. The User shall not register more than one unique account on the Service website or if the User uses third party website to log in to the Service, the User shall not use more than one unique account of the third party website to log in to the Service.
  7. The User agrees that they shall not demand, collect or use the login data of other Users of the service.
  8. The User declares that the account through which they log in to the service through a third party website, as well as the application account number belongs to them.
  9. The User is solely responsible for their actions and any data or information they send, publish or display via the service.
  10. The User agrees to respect the rules of fair play and shall not use any operational or technical error or vulnerability on the Service website.
  11. The User has to adhere to the Scratch Wars Online Community Rules.
  12. Users younger than 16 years old declare that they have obtained the consent of their legal guardian to process the data provided to be able to use the service.
  13. All Scratch Wars Online services are provided to the Users for free.
  14. The Operator is not liable for damages to the Users or third parties caused directly, indirectly or accidentally in connection with the use of the service. The Operator is not liable for damages to the Users or third parties caused in connection with it being impossible to use the service or in a direct or indirect connection with this fact.
  15. The Operator declares that he is dedicated to the service and will devote maximum effort and professional care to minimize any potential risks which could be caused to Users or third parties during their proper use of the service.
  16. The Operator is entitled to adjust or innovate the services on server without the Users´ prior agreement or without notifying the Users first.
  17. A consequence of violating these Terms may be (at the discretion of the Operator) the termination of the User's account. The User understands and agrees that the Operator is not responsible for the content posted as part of the service and that the User is using the service at their own risk. The Operator is not responsible for the misuse of the User's personal data listed in the advertisement or obtained by a third party illegally breaking into the system.
  18. These terms and conditions shall enter into force and effect at the time of their publication. The Operator reserves the right to change these conditions.

Policy on Protection of Personal Data and Other Data Regulation

The Operator is the data processor of the Users´ personal data and processes them under the conditions below.

We process the personal data provided by you in connection with the use of our service (i.e. data you use to log in for the service, to display or buy goods and during discussions about a sale, purchase or exchange of goods).

The data are as follows: and further data we obtain by you using our services:

We process these data in order to manage your user account and to ensure and constantly improve the security of our services and therefore your data.

We further process your data to: Third parties who have access to your personal data due to the nature of the service you use or have used are:

All our partners are bound by confidentiality and must not use the provided data for any other purpose than they got them for.

Under certain, strictly defined conditions, and based on legal regulations, we are obliged to hand over your personal data e.g. to the Czech police or to other authorities involved in criminal proceedings. This includes specialized departments (ÚOOZ – organized crime division, Customs, etc.) and other public authorities.

We process the data obtained during the registration process for the duration of the service. These data are stored in the back-end system administration. Once your use of the service is terminated, your data are irrevocably deleted from the system. Here, however, we would like to point out that we must process the personal data that are necessary for the proper provision of the service, to fulfil all of our obligations, whether these obligations arise from a contract between us or from generally binding legal regulations. We process these data for a time specified by and in accordance with applicable regulations regardless of your consent and even if your consent has been withdrawn.

All the personal data you provide are secured by standard procedures and technologies. However, it is not objectively possible to fully guarantee the security of your personal data. Therefore, we cannot completely guarantee that an unauthorised third person does not access the provided data or that they will not be copied, published, altered or destroyed by breaking our security measures. Nevertheless, we regularly check the system for weaknesses to prevent its exposure to attack and we use security measures which are suitable to prevent, if possible, unauthorised access to your personal data and which – considering the current state of technology – provide sufficient security. The security measures are then regularly updated.

In order to better protect your personal data, access to these data is protected by a password, and sensitive data is encrypted during transmission between your browser and our website. Without your help and responsible behaviour, however, we are not able to fully guarantee the security of your data. Help us, therefore, to ensure the security of your data that you store your unique password and other access information for our services in secrecy and will comply with basic safety principles.

Your voluntary consent to the processing of your personal data may be withdrawn at any time free of charge by sending an email requesting the deletion of your account to: info@notre-game.com.