FAQ – ScratchWars Online (PvP web)

1. How do I refresh my card collection?

After you log in to Scratch Wars Online PvP web, your cards will be automatically loaded from official mobile Scratch Wars app – it can take a while, be patient :-)

When you get new cards and you scan them to the mobile app, you have two options:

  1. Wait until next day, during night SWO will load new data and your cards will automatically appear next time you open SWO.
  2. Or visit Account → Account and click the Refresh Collection button. After a moment your collection will be updated.

2. What are game formats about?

You can find two game formats on Scratch Wars Online PvP web. They limit the way how you construct your deck.


In this format you can create any deck without limitations, just the way you like it. It still have to follow official rules, eg. one hero, up to five weapons with no duplicates.


In this format you can use a deck wher the sum of rarity stars on all your cards does not exceed 14. You count both stars on weapons and hero.

Beware! Heroe's stars count twice! So, if you use a 4-star hero, he will be worth 8 stars.

Format U14⭐ is great introduction for those that have yet to find the strongest heroes and weapons.

3. Rewards – Gold coins

Playing Scratch Wars Online you can earn rewards in form of Gold Coins . You can check how many you have in Account → My Rewards

Gold coins can be used to purchase Upgrades for SWO or exchanged for coupons to Official Scratch Wars shop and pick something there.

How do I earn gold coins?

  1. First Win of the Day – for your first win every day you gain 10 .
  2. Level up – you improve with every win and you can increase in level. Every now and then you get some for level up.
  3. Placement in ladder – on SWO there are so called Seasons (starting every week in night from Wednesday to Thursday). Winning can place you in TOP10 which you can find in menu under Play!.

    For placement in TOP10 at the end of season you gain according to your placement. Do not forget that ladders are separate for different game formats.

How do I exchange gold for Scratch Wars rewards shop points?

Go visit Account → My Rewards, in the lower part you will find Upgrades and there an option to purchase points. With every purchase the price goes up by 100 gold coins. In the table below you can find how the price changes.

Reward Cost Poinst to Rewards Shop
1st coupon100 300 points
2nd coupon200 300 points
3rd coupon300 300 points
4th coupon400 300 points
10th coupon1000 300 points